Starting Over

I started this blog because I wanted to become a better writer. Fly fishing happens to be a subject I enjoy so I decided to use it as way to actually have something to talk about. A subject I could build off of over time. My end goal is to write my own book. I honestly just feel that currently I’m not a good enough writer to take on such a task. So, here we are. Admittedly, I have not kept up what so ever with this blog. Writing seems to be harder than I initially thought. You see, I am not an avid reader. I do read but not nearly at the level that many writers do. So what you read from the words that I type are kind of just ramblings that are manifest in my head and spit right out of my finger tips on to a key board. I don’t necessarily have enough experience with literature to use it as a way to mimic an amazing style of writing. What I type is what you get. So having finally jumped that obstacle in regards to a reason I didn’t keep up with this blog, I am remise to say that day to day life also makes this hobby seemingly all but impossible to keep up with. So here we are starting over. I look forward to writing for you on a more consistent basis this time. No more self imposed deadlines or even subjects. I do still plan on writing primarily about fly fishing, but I mean this is a hobby after all. Forgive the grammar mistakes. I typed this on my phone before going to bed. Next piece will about Fishing with Doc out of Corpus Christi, Texas. I’ll drop it when I finish it. Let’s just say that for now. 


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