It’s March 19th. At this point, I am more than sure anyone that reads this will have already heard about the Corona Virus 2019, better known as Covid-19. Our household has been practicing social distancing for four days now. Surprisingly, a lot of good things have come from this. We’re cooking more at home, spending missed quality time with our kids, and catching up with hobbies. It really hasn’t been all that bad.

I have also learned some pretty interesting things along the way. I have learned that being slightly inebriated gets the juices flowing in regards to what it is I want to write about. I can see now why writers like Hemingway and Fitzgerald never shied away from a good drink. Writing is a lot like breaking the ice when you meet someone new. Except in this case the new person is a blank screen and the talking is done via typing on a key board. If you know me personally you know how difficult it can be for me to break the ice when I meet new people. Don’t get me wrong, I am a socially skilled introvert, I can talk your ear off, but I would say that it is usually after a few stiff drinks that I generally get in a comfort zone and really get rolling.

I find it similar with writing. I have been searching for that knack. That little push to really get the mind flowing where I decide that this is probably a good time to get the words on paper or in this case the screen. Sure, I know that resorting to an outside influence such as alcohol isn’t the greatest thing, but with control it has become quite obvious that it can be utilized as a strong tool to further my journey in this new found hobby. I legitimately am enjoying finding my style in regards to writing. I also look forward to bringing more content to you guys about fishing and other things that may interest me. With that being said I want to share a few things that we have dealt with the past few days that are not fishig related.

You see my wife and I are always on the go. I love her for this very reason. I know that she pulls more than her fair share of the weight when it comes to our family and our finances. I have also been blessed with being able to run my own business and building the best team a guy could ask for as well. That has taken a load off my shoulders during this whole isolation situation. What we have learned are a few things that I am sure a lot of us struggle with. Things like home cooking all week long and not relying on fast food. I hate to say it, but we are guilty as charged when it comes to this subject. Another being that we are now just spending good quality time with our kids. Don’t get me wrong, we spend time with our kids and they are our number one priority in life, but I have learned a few things about my youngest after spending an extended period of time isolated with her.

What I am getting at is I feel that we have missed out good quality time with our kids over the years. The isolation has allowed us to resdiscover ourselves and our family. I have danced to country music with my daughter a few nights in a row now. We even played in the driveway with a water hose just enjoying the warm weather that we have here in South Texas. Something I used to do as a kid and it honestly it reminded me a lot about my childhood growing up. I have taken her around the block riding her bike, social distancing of course, and even done some home workouts for myself. My wife and I have cooked amazing meals for each other, and laughed about the internet memes that have been rolling out during these trying times.

Sure, we have had our boredom and our little arguments, but it really isn’t that bad. I am comfortable in knowing the grocery stores still have supplies and if they didn’t I am comfortable with living on what we do have for some time and my skillsets from a my past life should we need to hunt and forage. I willsay life has been pretty good. Yeah we miss going to work, but we are taking this day by day and it has been more postive than negative so far.

So if you end up like us where you’re asked to socially isolate for a few days, try to look at the up side of things. You an catch up on passion projects, spend time in the kitchen learning new cooking techniques, or using the time to be a writer. I fought in two theaters of war and I have lived through some grime times. If I can leave you with any advice it is that with time all things come to pass. So just relax and enjoy the ride. I hope you were able to separate yourself from the news for a few minutes and are now able to look at the bright side of things should you find yourself in our shoes. I promise the next article will be about fishing.

Day four of self quarantine-



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